Lablet Privacy Policy

The following information is collected by the University of Auckland (“the University”) when you use Lablet (‘the application’):

  • All videos created with the application.
  • All audio created with the application.
  • All photos taken with the application.
  • Internal sensor data.
  • External sensor data (if connected).
  • The time and date at which experiments are performed with the application.
  • UPI data.
  • Password if accessing a University server.
  • All text from input boxes in the application.
  • Images of graphs displayed in the application.
  • Plot data from graphs displayed in the application.

In some rare cases, a Lablet experiment may record additional data not listed here. I these instances, data collected will be clearly explained by the experiment before collection begins.
The information collected is used in the following ways:

  • Preserving a user’s progress through an experiment to allow it to be stopped and restarted at a later time.
  • Providing data export functionality; allowing users to transfer and save data in a variety of ways.

UPIs and passwords, specifically, are collected and used ONLY in the following way:

  • Securely transferring experiment data to a University operated secure server for later access by specified users.
    (UPIs and passwords are used to initiate this transfer only, and are deleted from memory immediately following the transaction)

It should be noted that no information is shared via background processes. In other words, data is only accessible to users with access to the device. However, as the Lablet is often used in a public setting, any data which is not deleted at the end of an experiment will be accessible to the next user. To assist in privacy, experiment data may be deleted by the user at any time.