Lablet 3

We are happy to announce a new Lablet version. There are many improvements and new features:

– New sensors, namely Microphone and Accelerometer.
– A video can now be recorded at low framerate. This is useful for very long recordings where size of the video file matters.
– Motion Analysis: the improved motion analysis module makes better use of the available screen space and is now easier to use.
– Frequency Analysis: analyze the frequency spectrum of recorded audio data. Edit parameters of the Fourier analysis such as window size and window overlap to learn the connection between time and frequency resolution.
– Accelerometer Data Analysis: integrate the acceleration data to determine velocity and distance the tablet traveled.
– Improved Lab Activities and a new Lab Activity manger.
– Its now possible to import audio and video data.
– New plot view to display all kind of data. The new plots have correct axis labels and large data sets such as frequency data can now be displayed smoothly.
– Many bug fixes.