Lab Activities

A lab activity can be seen as an electronic lab pamphlet that guides the students through the lab. A lab activity can have multiple sheets. Once you started a lab activity you find yourself on the first sheet of the lab activity. Each sheet can have one or more tasks that needs to be performed before the next sheet is activated. For example, the students have to tick a list of required lab equipment before they can continue with the experiment. Lab activities are very flexible and can be adapted to different lab classes and experiments (create your own lab activity).

Note: You can always go back and forth between the sheets by using a horizontal swipe gesture.


Example of a lab activity sheet containing some sub components such as text items and check boxes.

Note: A sheet might be longer than the screen size. In this case you can scroll the sheet vertically.

On the main lab activity screen, there are two lists. The upper list shows the available activities and the lower list shows activities that have been done earlier. You can pause a lab activity at all times, and resume it by selecting it from the lower list.

Currently, there is a variety of different sheets and components that can be part of a lab activity. For example, there is a component that asks the students to conduct an experiment and another component asks to analyse a previously taken experiment. Another component asks the students to estimate the energy input of a throw. Here, students have to enter the relevant parameters and derive other quantities from that.



View component to estimate the energy input.

Another example is a sheet that tries to teach how to calculate velocity and acceleration from the taken data points. The students have to enter the position of three successive positions at a certain time, and then fill the values for the average velocity and acceleration. Moreover, they have to select the correct units from a drop down menu.

Lab activity sheet to calculate velocity and acceleration.

Lab activity sheet for velocity and acceleration calculation.